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Real Yeezy or Fake Yeezy / Replica Yeezy ?

 If you are uncertain about purchasing fake Yeezys then we recommend you read the following. Kanye's vision for his Yeezy line is to one day supply far more Yeezys, this would allow fans to purchase real Yeezys at retail price and there would be no need for replica Yeezy sites. The reason why this isn't already possible is that some oportunistic sneakerheads use bots to buy up every pair of Yeezys when they are released, this then allows them to sell those same sneakers on after market sites at an inflated price. Our goals for the Yeezy line is very similar to Kanye's. We provide replica Yeezys that are made with the same materials and are made in the same factories. The effect that this has is that it gives more options to real Yeezy fans. When people are given the option to buy fake Yeezys then they aren't forced to spend a heap of money on authentic Yeezys on after market sites, as a result the after market sellers must drop their prices in order to get a sale.
If you feel like you shouldn't purchase fake Yeezys due to brand loyalty then we encourage you to consider the following: When you purchase real Yeezys at an inflated price on after market sites, none of that extra money you're spending is going to the Yeezy brand. In an ideal world all Yeezy fans would be able to purchase Yeezys at retail price, but while that is not an option for people we will continue to provide our service of selling fake Yeezys.